Chapter Previews

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • Myths and truths about marriage.
  • Latest marriage statistics.

Chapter 2 What is Marriage?

  • Defining a Christian marriage.
  • What is Love?
  • A process used for succeeding in your marriage.

Chapter 3 Communications

  • Donít expect it unless you have expressed it (Pastor Steve Jamison).
  • Guidelines to effective communications.

Chapter 4 Expectations

  • What are realistic and unrealistic expectations in a marriage?
  • Homework asks you to express your personal expectations in many areas of marriage.

Chapter 5 Family of Origin Concerns

  • Are you aware of family of origin issues?
  • Will they hinder a good marriage?

Chapter 6 Roles, Responsibilities and Decision Making

  • What are the biblical roles of husbands and wives?
  • What are some differences between males and females?

Chapter 7 Conflict Resolution

  • How to have an argument with your spouse and remain friends?
  • How do I act in conflict?

Chapter 8 Anger and Violence

  • When does anger become a problem and how do you resolve that anger?
  • Looking at abuse and its problem in society today.

Chapter 9 Sex in Marriage

  • Sex is a wonderful gift that God has given us.
  • Why wait?

Chapter 10 Defining our Boundaries

  • What are your personal boundaries?
  • What boundaries do you want to establish within your marriage?

Chapter 11 In-Laws or Outlaws

  • What are areas of potential harmony or conflict with your in-laws?
  • Helpful guidelines in your relationships with them.

Chapter 12 Children

  • Should we have children?
  • When and how do we want to discipline them?

Chapter 13 Spiritual Intimacy

  • What is Spiritual intimacy?
  • Is your heartís desire to be close to God and submit to His direction in your marriage?

Chapter 14 Finances

  • As a couple how are you going to manage your money?
  • Helpful hints for your money management.

Chapter 15 Friends and Recreation Questionnaire

  • Discussing your friendships and how you are going to have fun together.

Chapter 16 What Does a Healthy Christian Marriage Look Like

  • A quick reference and summation of the material covered in the manual.
  • What does forgiveness look like?
  • Being healthy in your marriage includes being physically healthy. What does this look like?