Be Prepared and Enriched In Your Marriage provides valuable insights that will benefit any couple, whether preparing for marriage or trying to strengthen an existing one. As counselees, this material and the coaching my wife and I received from author Donna Brickman, plays a vital role in the success of our marriage and has surely prevented countless marital pitfalls. I will never forget how insightful our premarital counseling conversations were, especially as we explored the topics of Family of Origin Concerns and Roles, Responsibilities and Decision Making. As a pastor, and currently a college professor of courses such as Pastoral Counseling, I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for Donna and her work. I highly recommend the use of this resource, as I'm sure it will prove to be a blessing to you as it has been for us.
~ Pastor Doug and Tasha Myers

We knew when we were planning our wedding that preparing for our marriage was even more important. We were so thankful for the “Be Prepared and Enriched in Your Marriage” resources because they helped us prepare for our marriage in ways we had not anticipated. The information and the exercises we completed compelled us to have discussions on topics we would not have considered on our own. Through the material, we gained a better understanding of who we were as individuals and discussed potential issues that might develop within our marriage, based on our unique family histories. We were also able to identify and agree upon on our specific roles and expectations for one another within our marriage and future family. The things we learned and processed together through this resource have continued to be valuable to us throughout our marriage.
~ Daron & Suzanne Wicker

Owning a business with partners can sometimes be challenging. Throw in one more dynamic... of partners who happen to be family. While the manual is geared for marriage, that is exactly what a business partnership is - a marriage. What the material taught me (using the example of the Sand Ceremony and the "feelings word list") was how to distinguish my feelings and thoughts and then how to express them to my partners/family. I was very impressed with how it allowed me to separate my feelings and thoughts towards my business partners vs. my family. Prior to the sessions, I lumped them all together, not knowing where to draw the line. Most of the time, my feelings were anger and frustration with everyone, including myself. I would recommend these materials for virtually all types of relationships whether it is marriage, business, parent /child, two sisters or any kind of friendships.
~ Norma Stephens

We have been married a little over a year now and have enjoyed every day of it. We are both blessed to have been lead to each other. Donna’s manual "Be Prepared and Enriched in your Marriage" not only gave us biblical principles to help build a strong marriage, it strengthened our spiritual relationship with the Lord. From learning how to fight fair, respecting your husband, and to loving your wife, this manual has helped us to walk together as one. This manual has truly enriched our marriage. It is a workbook that has allowed us to process issues in our relationship with a spiritual perspective and it has helped us to communicate in ways that are encouraging, loving, and respectful. The materials cover everything from financial decisions, spiritual relationships, and intimacy with in your marriage, children, and so much more. This should be a requirement for men and women to get married. This manual prepares you for the facts of life as well as encouraging you to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intimately with one another.
~ Jeret and Julie Whitescarver

We have loved using this material in the Marriage Manual. We found it to be enlightening to the couples we counseled and to us personally as well. We particularly like the Finances and the Family of Origin Concerns chapters. We think these are key topics to discuss before a couple gets married. We love the material on Roles, Responsibilities and Decision Making as well and would recommend it to any pastor or counselor wishing to give the best available tools.
~ Pastor Bill and Kelly Allison