Why Use This Manual?

Purpose of the manual

The primary purpose is for each individual to fully understand themselves, who they are, and what their thoughts and feelings are on every aspect of their relationship. As this is shared with each other, each individual has not only learned more about themselves, but they have learned more about the other person in the relationship.

The manual is designed to strengthen any relationship. It can be used by couples planning their wedding, for couples that are already married and wanting to enrich their marriage taking it to a new level, and be used to improve relationships between family menbers, friends, co-workers etc.

Objectives and reasons for using this manual

To help prevent marriage and family breakdown, by enabling persons to be better prepared to work through challenges in marriage.

To provide helpful information in the following plus many other subject areas:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Family relationships
  • Finances
  • Sexuality
  • Commitment and covenant
  • To create a healthy relationship environment.
  • To learn biblical teaching about marriage and other relationships.

To help couples face:

  • Unrealistic expectations that can lead to disillusionment.
  • Personal immaturity that can lead to insensitivity.
  • Changing roles that can lead to confusion.
  • Changing sexual standards that can lead to immorality.